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Marc Schooley

Marc's background of education and experience includes philosophy, theology, Bible teaching, preaching, and fiction writing. In addition, Marc speaks from years of experience in the business world, both in the public and private sector.

Nominated for the top awards in Christian fiction, Marc also writes supernatural thrillers that plunge the lofty ideals of religion, society and history into the dog-eat-dog struggles of relatable men and women. In story as in life, figuring out how to live with those ideals often adds to the chaos.

Because that's the real part of the story.

Has it ever happened to you?

Marc's presentations are designed to help people:

  • Navigate culture and religion, morality and ethics
  • Improve reasoning and response on tough issues
  • Take the lead and turn conflict into respectful dialogue
  • Approach difficult areas of personal and interpersonal growth with confidence


Marc presents a variety of topics in three interrelated areas:

A Rogue Agent's Map of American Religion and Culture

  • The Problem of Evil: When the World Turns Over
  • Mission Impolitical: Church, State and Society
  • Cultural Markers: How we Sign our Times
  • Cleaning the Cultural Dirt off the Gospel's Face

The Everyman's Guide to Saving Yourself from
Big Ideas with Bad Endings

  • Real Life, the Afterlife, and How We (Don't) Live For Them
  • The Problem of Evil: Modern Philosophy and You
  • Evil Exists, Therefore God Exists: The Divine Nature
  • Philosophy, Theology, and Other Pies in the Sky
  • God's Little Robots Versus the Unbridled Anarchists:
    Examining Divine Sovereignty and Free Will

Low-Conflict Leadership

  • Being Heard Without Raising Your Voice in a Shouting World
  • Why You Should Be What You Say, and Say What You Are
  • Success Without Cheating, Honesty Without Failure
  • The Low-Conflict Leadership Lifestyle

All contents and lengths are tailored to your audience. Typical keynote presentation length is 45-60 minutes. Teaching presentation lengths and included content are tailored to your group.

Download Marc's speaker kit for details about these presentations, or contact Marc to request a custom presentation.


"Marc doesn’t shy away from speaking about difficult issues. At the same time, he makes sure to explain his topics in ordinary terms. He's confident and at ease--he connects with the audience and draws them into his subject matter." (David J. Dyck, Chairman, Westman Bible Conference)


Hosting Resources

Speaker Kit

(PDF file)Download Marc's full speaker information.

Press Kit

(PDF file)Download Marc's sample Q&A kit.


A Houston-area resident, Marc is highly available to the East Texas region. He is also happy to come to your area or include you among other stops when traveling. Click here to contact Marc about bookings.


Marc is an ideal presenter for:

  • Theological conferences/seminars
  • Christian study groups
  • Church services
  • Men's groups
  • Leadership training
  • Business/professional groups
  • College and undergraduate groups
  • Off-campus young adult education
  • Debate presentations