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Mack Cavanaugh claims to be a Nightrider, one of a band of infamous Texas outlaws from the late 1800s. Except he says they wasn't outlaws, just men tryin' to make things right in the unjust fields of Texas—the killin' fields.

So begins a tale of the last years of the Texas Wild West--of oncoming civilization in all its savagery, a last ride by five vigilantes in the name of God, and a final confrontation with an evil unbounded by time or place.



Texas Dark

a free short story collection

A forgotten Vietnam vet's strange adventure in Houston. A young woman's near-death experience on a sunbaked roadside. A bubble-wrapped future overrun by a creeping plague. In this collection of three speculative short stories, visit a supernatural continuum whose hub is the Lone Star State as you've never seen it.

Texas Dark features a bonus chapter from Marc's supernatural thriller novel Nightriders.



Konig's Fire

Konig's Fire is a heartstopping paranormal fantasy that uses the backdrop of World War II to deliver an action-packed examination of evil and transcendence.

The Nazis have established a torture center in a mine at the heart of a Romanian forest. Here they interrogate prisoners and, sometimes, throw them into the furnace at the heart of the mine.

Only now, the primeval forest is rising against them, unleashing a preternatural army to besiege the great iron gate of the mine. The fearsome guards become terrified prisoners and the furnace itself burns with hungry anger against them.

Sascha Konig, a man they called Nebuchadnezzar, is their only hope. He is master of the furnace. All along, he has been Hitler's ardent servant. But now...Konig is wrestling with demons of his own, and the Master of all fires is calling him to Himself through the haunting eyes of a little gypsy girl Konig did not save.

Konig's Fire was nominated for the 2011 Christy Award and the 2011 Carol Award, the two top awards in Christian fiction.



The Dark Man

The Dark Man is the tale of a dystopian United States which has outlawed Christianity, and antihero Charles Graves--a legend within the government branch dedicated to eliminating the problem of religion. Charles is also legendary among the last remaining cells of Christian believers, known as the evil genius master of disguise who can infiltrate and bring down anyone, anywhere. He's the bogeyman.

But Charles is haunted, quite literally, by his past. His quest for identity causes him to become a man with a hundred faces, and yet as he loses himself in each new guise he loses a bit more of who he really is.

It's a psychological thriller, a romantic adventure, and wild fun with helicopter gunships. The world has turned over...come along for the ride.



Ether Ore

A Sci-Fi Anthology for Kindle/Nook

At the edge of the Butterfly Nebula, beyond the last portal, lies Periphery Station. Last haven, recovery hospice, tourist mecca, and cathedral in space. All sorts of people come to Periphery Station: armalcolite prospectors, star rangers, survivors, and renegades.

The portal brings word of other galaxies--and other realities. Time, distance, and motive have different meanings here.

Marcher Lord Press is the premier publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels with a spiritual edge. Here, Marc Schooley and five other Marcher Lord Press authors show their skills with short fiction. If you like the short stories, you'll love the award-winning novels.

Come for the adventure. Come for the discovery. Ether Ore.